ASSA India

Associated Social Service Agency

Established in 1990, the Associated Social Service Agency/ASSA, a non-profit peoples collective, is committed to peace building and empowerment of vulnerable communities, indigenous communities and children in particular, through grassroots action, training and studies. Since its inception, it has been engaged in working with communities and conducting development studies.

ASSA envisions a society that establishes justice, security, rule of law, peace and stability, and is based on:

  • the critical thinking and emerged leadership from community collective, one that espouses gender equality among all its members;
  • participatory governance and decision-making systems in place;
  • an empowered community that enjoys equitable access to resources, and believes non-violence and disarmament;
  • a society that promotes the realization of full human potentials and respects, completely and without any discrimination, all human life; and
  • an informed and ethical business action which pursues ecological, cultural and economic sustainability.